The Most Expensive Hotels Rooms

Article by R.G. Ixmann

No hotel room is like the next one. This is a guide to the most expensive hotel rooms. They are unique. You could think of hotel rooms as if you were surfing, the bigger the wave, the bigger the fall, or the sweeter the ride. One thing is for sure, the bigger the room, the bigger the bill. Tip and advice - don't take the towels from these rooms (or do just that, I'll leave it up to you).

The Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab, Dubai
For 11,435 you can get to stay in this room. Some praise the marble floors, the Rolls Royce and the helicopter. I would start by reading the books on the shelves and looking at the unique globe. The inner swimming pool is perfect.

Russia Suite
The Ritz-Carlton Suite at Moscow is great to relax. Imperial furniture fills the 2,500 square-foot suit. It has a grand piano, a library and a chess game. You can see the Kremlin, Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral from this room. Priced at just USD 18,200 a night.

Berlin House of Mirrors
This hotel is not actually expensive but interesting. The mirror room at Propeller Island City Lodge goes for a couple hundred of euros a night. Mini bar cost not included (this could make it an expensive one though).

The Marie Antoinette Syndrome
If you think you have the Marie Antoinette Syndrome, The Royal Suite, Four Seasons George V in Paris is what you are looking for. It has low lights and private office, among other beautiful things. The price for a night is 10,185. One advice, if the sign of the room reads, "Do not disturb," don't go in. There is no price to be set on privacy. Then again, doing it just for the sake of it sounds fun.

Galactic Suites
Speaking about privacy, nothing is more private than the Galactic Suites Space Hotel. It is said to open in 2012. The price for a room? 4 million for 3 nights. But, you actually get to see the sunrise 15 times while you are up there. It is bargain deal. A Velcro suit will ground you in zero gravity. That sounds very relaxing. Room service could be complicated though.

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