The Best and the Most Expensive Private Beaches

Article by R.G. Ixmann

If you are millionaire then you must be looking for a private beach. If you are not a millionaire, lets play a little game. This game is hypothetical and a doorway out of depression. Lets say someone gave you a couple million of bucks, which private beach would you buy? In a this world, islands are private worlds, with their own private information. So, here you go, the most expensive private beaches you can buy. But, wait, don't buy the beach, buy the whole island and while you are at it, unblock the flow of the oceans, big man.

The Mediterranean sea is the sea that spawned western cultures. It is the sea where three continents converge. The same sea where the three main religions of the World rose. Why not own a private beach in middle of everything? Here is a tip, go for Greece, go for Santorini.

In the southern Aegean Sea you will find the island of Santorini. It is volcanic, has little rain, and a hot desert climate. Who needs rain in a beach anyhow? All one really needs is a bright Sun. The best silent properties sell for 20 million and more.

Bahamas Birds
If Greece is not what you're looking for, and the news do not intimidate you, fly to the Bahamas. Take some cash with you, something like 28 million bucks. You can get 350 acres for this small change.

Motu, Tane, Polynesia
There are many islands in the Polynesia. One of them is special. It costs 40 million bucks. The problem is that it is not for sale, it is a rental island. Motu Tane has accommodations for groups. Get the whole thing, rent it for 30,000 dollars a night. Strategic location. Incredible sightseeing indeed.

The Islands of Dubai
The Palm Jumeirah man-made islands in Dubai are the only man made islands that can be seen from outer-space. When the rumour was out in Dubai that coast properties where becoming scare, the Kingdom of Dubai thought, well why not build more coastline? Do you feel it? 20 million was the cost of the party at this island. How much for just a little bit of an island? Billions. This is the bridge that will take you there. Find it.

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