Luxury living - most expensive hotel rooms in the world

Article by Siim Einfeldt

When people go on luxury holidays, they generally want to live it up. Splurging in sophistication is the need of the hour, but these hotel rooms literally ensure king size vacationing.

Billed as the most expensive hotels room in the world, they offer an extravagant combination of comfort and exuberant living.

The Penthouse suite, Martinez Hotel Cannes
Art Deco furniture with soft silk curtains and parquet flooring, fully equipped with a functional kitchen to fulfill your sudden culinary urges and a butler on call if you choose to ask for assistance. For the entertainment seeking, there’s a DVD Library at your disposal along with plasma televisions all for your viewing pleasure.

The real star of the room is the terrace however which can accommodate up to 100 people thanks to its 2000 square feet size. This boasts of spectacular views of the Cannes Bay. The damage to your wallet? $18,000 a night.

The suite, Ritz-Carlton, Moscow
What kind of hotel room comes equipped with a grand piano and an entire library? A room that’s 2,500 square in size, filled with royalty inspired imperial furniture and costs $18,200 a night. That’s the most expensive room at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow and it offers spectacular views of Russian treasures like the Kremlin, St.Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Casino, Las Vegas
What can you expect from a room named after the legendary founder of the Playboy magazine? A rotating bed and a jazzy mirrored ceiling, typical of Vegas style of course. Inspired by an article from the magazine that talks about the ultimate bachelor home, this two storeyed, 900 square foot villa has its very own glass elevator and fancy Jacuzzi,not to mention plasma tvs, spa rooms, work out areas and three lavish bedrooms. The hole in your wallet for a night will be a $40,000 sized one!

Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva
It’s a room, it’s a suite…it’s an entire floor. The “room” is spread over an entire floor of this hotel and is made up of four bedrooms and six bathrooms. The only way you can reach this exclusively extravagant hideout is by using a private elevator. Mosaic marble and hardwood have been used to cover the floors while the windows all have bulletproof glass. If you’re a spy or have something to be afraid rest assured you can vacation both in style and safety in this hotel. Costs $53,00 a night.

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