The Most Expensive Food

Article by R.G. Ixmann

Who said that just because there are people starving all over the world, you can not buy the most expensive food on the Globe. Know how it feels to bite something that could feed an entire town for weeks. If you are going to get any of these foods, at least make a donation. The World Food Program or other organisations will welcome them. Eat without guilt. That is the best secret to eating and not gaining weight.

For 1.6 million dollars you can get this fruit cake. It takes some months to make it, so order it in advance. The glossing are pure diamonds. It is a good appetiser.

Cool it Off
If after eating the cake you are on fire, hot and in need of a fast reward, cool it off with a sundae. Serendipity 3 has a 1000 dollar Sundae. They are available in Manhattan. Take a trip down to the island. Cream, golden foil, autumn leaf and a cup. 1,000 USD, what could be better?

Happy Hour
To push back the ice cream fly to Tokyo and ask for a Diamonds are Forever. Find them at the Ritz-Carlton. You will get a bill for 11,000 Euros, a Martini and a 1.6 carat diamond. Be careful do not gush it down. The stone is inside the drink.

In the Hood?
If you are near Iran or know someone who is, you can get Iranian Caviar. Everyone knows it is the best. Take it the party and share it with your friends. Almas Beluga caviar is prepared from the rarest Beluga Sturgeon fish. It goes for thousands.

Kopi and the Health System
The Kopi Luack is the most expensive coffee. For those who do not know, or have not seen the movie yet, the Luack is a coffee cherry eaten by the animal you can see on the picture. People say it is a cat, but it looks more like a rat from where I stand. The animal is called Cevit. The animal's droppings are collected and the seeds of the coffee come out through the digestive system of the animal intact. For 500 USD you can get one pound of undigested animal-eaten coffee beans? Filter and serve hot. Don't drop it, nor let it burn. Paying 500 bucks to drink s*** ain't that bad, is it? The weirdest thing is that it actually tastes good.

This dish has a special ingredient. It is the oil in the spoon. Made in Tuscany, Manni organic extra virgin olive oil is found in only 25 restaurants around the world. If you are hungry, you can pay thousands of dollars for this dish. The check will take care of your appetite.

The Kona Nigari water is said to be the world's most expensive water. It is desalinated water high in minerals from the deep seas off Hawaii. It goes for $16.75 an ounce. Some say in the future all water in the world will come in these small bottles. Most agree the water prices are rising. So buy billions before the glaciers melt out.

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