How expensive is too expensive?

Article by Siim Einfeldt

There's an old saying that goes something like this, "Money cant buy you happiness", but if these places and products could talk, I'm pretty sure they'd say we come pretty close to buying you happiness.

For those that have a fat wallet and a willing heart, the world is their oyster and any of these products can be acquired. They are the most expensive things available in the world!

Food. Gourmands need an excuse to start eating, chefs need an excuse to start cooking and spendthrifts will only need a few thousands to have their fill of exclusive Iranian Caviar. The best in in the Industry, this caviar is made using rare Beluga Sturgeon fish and if you want to take a walk on the wild side and experiment, this dish will cost you thousands of dollars.

If this barely whets your appetite for the good things in life wash it down with the equally extravagant, equally expensive and wonderfully delicious Diamonds are forever drink.

Available at the Ritz-Carlton, be sure not to drink them too fast or you might just miss the diamond in the drink because when they mean Diamonds are forever, they mean quite literally. It consists of a luxurious Martini, and 11.6-carat diamond. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this splurge will definitely burn a hole in your pocket!

Most people try to avoid excessive oil in the food, wary of the health effects but with this spoonful of oil, it's a completely different story. From Tuscany, Manni Organic Extra virgin olive oil is only found in about 25 restaurants the world over. It costs thousands of dollars and is surely an eye popping extravagance for us regular folk.

Cake. Cake aficionados all over the world will be gasping in pleasure and horror if they get their sights on this 1.6 million dollar diamond studded fruitcake.

If cakes aren't really your thing and ice cream is what makes you go mmmmm, try the extravagant Sundae on offer from Serendipity 3 in Manhattan. Luxe golden foil, luscious cream and autumn leaf and cup, all available for the over the top sum of a 1000 $. If you want to woo the girl with the sweet tooth or simply indulge yourself, this ice cream Sundae is most definitely the way to go.

These aren't fantasy items or someone's idea of a joke, these goodies exist and for those willing to spend, they're well within reach.

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