The Best Computers Money can Buy - Military computers released to public sale

Article by R.G. Ixmann

Personal computers of today have a problem. If you use them seriously and put them to real hard work, they fall apart after some time. No matter how much you pay for the most expensive computer, one thing is certain, if it falls on the ground, it will break. Even known trademark computers have trouble processing vast information. With time the keys fall off and certain parts become useless. The best computers money can buy are all about technology, processing, connectivity, hard resistance, long life and endurance in the field.

Some military computers have been released to public sale. Of course, you will not get the exact thing military uses. You will get rugged computers. They will do the work without a flaw. They can fall and not break. They can be submerged in water, so yes, they are also waterproof. They will not heat up too much. They can process incredible amounts of information, and the upgrades and plug-ins are extreme.

Rugged, proofed for shock, water, dust and vibrations, these computers are worth every cent. Taking your work to the limit? Need smart pads, laptops, tough notes, rugged panels, wearable keyboards, tablets, handhelds or peripherals? This is mind blowing technology. Touch-screens are so powerful that they even work with gloves on.

Who offers them? There are several online sites that work with this technology. Some examples are,,, or the superb

To see a waterproof demonstration video, direct your browser to

Terralogic has three tough note computers, all look perfect. Tough-note D13, D15, and D17. Below is the D15 and a tough note. Drop them like they are hot.

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