It's NOT just money, when it comes to energy

Article by Siim Einfeldt

If you are rich, and can afford spending a lot of money on useless stuff, there's something you might have forgotten. It doesn't really matter if you just spend a lot more for regular things, that's okay, if you have decided you want to do that. However, most first generation rich people know that you can't get rich by simply wasting money, neither can you often stay rich by simply starting to waste it. That's point #1.

Point #2 to remember, is that often when you think you are wasting your own money, you are right, but spending your money doesn't often just waste your own resources, but also so called common resources. And some things that you might be doing are not just wasting, they are hurting the life around us. Wasting energy when you could do something about it, in large amounts, could be considered one of the more hurtful activities to earth. I won't call it mother earth, sounds kind of lame. But think about it as a commune where all things are shared and when you start to throw beer bottles on the floor, you hurt the entire small community. Some will run out of beer, some will walk bare foot followed by walking on glass. And some will then try to call the ambulance for those bare-foot guys only to discover that due to someone crushing the bottles on the floor, they have had to spend a lot more money on beer and haven't managed to pay for health insurance. And so the community starts to bleed out, one person at the time ...

Now, I'm aware that this was a rather stupid story, but then again, I'm not a story teller, I thought I'd actually tell you that the world's famous office building Empire State Building managed to reduce energy use by 38 percentage in their first year of energy efficiency plan. By doing that, not only have they managed to be good towards the entire planet of ours by releasing 4000 metric tons of less carbon into the atmosphere, they have also managed to save $2.4 million and attract more great and innovative companies into the building, companies such as LinkedIn, Skanska, LF USA, Coty Inc., and the FDIC.

"First and foremost, making the Empire State Building energy efficient was a sound business decision that saved us millions of dollars in the first year," said Anthony Malkin of the Empire State Building Company.

You can learn more about this innovative retrofit project below -

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