The World most Expensive Toys

Article by R.G. Ixmann

Toys are like a world within an imaginary world. If you got the money and deep down you are still a child, you can not miss out on these great toys. Times does go by magically through life, and that is a thing to reflect upon. Why not spend a fortune on toys? After all, life is supposed to be enjoyed. Know what it feels like to hold thousands of dollars in your hand. And then break it.

The Cube
Speaking about time and space, the V Cube 7 is a dimensional toy. It is a 7x7x7 version of the Rubik cube. A time and space enigma, a mathematical challenge, a spiritual confrontation. Keep your mind sharp, and the body should follow. They say noone could solve it in 20 years. Can you? In the official web site,, the prices range from 30 Euros to more, but in Amazon there is a guy who has posted a V cube for sale for at 10,000 pounds. I wonder what is so special about that one.

The madness of Action figures is crazy. The prices skyrocket as they become "vintage". This Donkey Kong with only 30 centimetres is a thinker. For 4,909.00 this smiling plastic figurine can be yours. How did this happen?

Roll it up
Lets roll up the bets here. Hot wheels and diamonds. The combination results in a limited edition of the world's most expensive rolling toys. For 140,000 dollars you can have the car, the 2,700 blue, black, and white diamonds and the 18-karat white gold frame.

There is also a "One of a Kind" Hot-wheels Cars Collection for sale on ebay for US $1,000,000.00. Good investment, maintenance and low storage space. Who said 1 million bucks could not fit in the palm of a hand. The seller says, "you will be the only person in the known Universe to have them."

Money can buy
Who said money can not buy you love? For just 193,000.00 USD you can get this sweet Teddy Bear. It does not speak but its mouth is made of Gold. His eyes are sapphire and diamonds. His look will always shine. The price still seems off. I wonder what is inside the Teddy. Cocaine?

Toy Soldier
The Gundam Fixed Platinum may be small, but has a great personality. It is the most expensive toy in Japan. To rule the world of toys in Japan is to rule a vast realm.
This toy does it all with just 5 inches. Made of pure platinum its last price was set at $41,468.

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